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Annual Bishop's Appeal

The Annual Bishop’s Appeal is a yearly fundraising campaign that supports ministries and programs throughout the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend. The diocesan-wide goal for the 2023 Annual Bishop’s Appeal is $5,125,464.

Our 2023 Goal is $17,467.10


Frequently asked questions

Why do we have an Annual Bishop’s Appeal?

Before the Annual Bishop’s Appeal, the ministries and work of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend was financed, in part, by a 13 percent tax on all parish income (capital campaigns, tuition–everything).

In 1987 the first Bishop’s Appeal was initiated and resulted in the reduction of parish tax to six percent on the parish offertory only. This has lifted the burden of the tax from parishes while inviting you to prayerfully consider your investment directly into the ministries and work of our diocese.

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