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Facility Improvements

Please prayerfully consider a gift to our campaign.
Success depends on the sacrifices of many, rather than a few. We invite every family to build our future together. Though we may not all be able to offer equal gifts, we can offer the Lord and each other equal sacrifice. 



Dear parishioners,
It is with great joy that I share with you that the Priest Sacristy is already finished. 

The project cost $7,694.77.

I am deeply grateful to the Hispanic community for all their work at the Corn School Festival last year and to all of you for buying Mexican food there and also for your donations.

I hope to start the second and last phase of this project next year. It will be the renovation of the sacristy for altar servers and the sacred vessels for the Holy Mass.

Also, remember that we need your donations and support for the roof of our parish. Our parish groups will be doing some activities to raise money. We hope for your generosity.

Thank you so much.
Fr. Osman Ramos

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